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Short bio:

Nicole grew up on Cape Cod and graduated from Wesleyan University. She spent a few years in London and now lives near Boston with her husband, two kids, and two rambunctious black cats. She writes YA and MG books and works as a tech research editor. In her spare time, she likes to practice yoga, knit, and read tarot cards.

Long bio:

I’m a YA/MG writer and a tech research editor, and I live near Boston with my husband, two kids, and two black cats. My debut MG novel, THE NIGHTMARE THIEF, will be published by Sourcebooks in January 2021. My debut YA novel, THE WIDE STARLIGHT, will be published by Razorbill in February 2021.

As the child of a librarian, I grew up in a house full of books, completely immersed in their worlds. I wrote a ton as a kid and teenager and right up through college, but somewhere in my early twenties I fell out of it. I didn’t think I had enough creativity in me to write a whole book, and so I decided to pursue editing instead. Fast forward several years to when I was pregnant with my daughter and had the most intense, technicolor dream about all these people I’d never met. That dream stuck with me for almost a year, through the birth of my daughter and all the chaos that is life with a newborn. I finally decided to start writing it down during naptime, and within a month I was completely hooked on writing again, back in my groove and wondering why I ever stopped.

I also tinker around with grown-up short stories, usually when I’m between book drafts. My story, “The Callers,” won the 12th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition and was published in the contest anthology.

In my spare time, I like to practice yoga, knit, and read tarot cards.