The Dream Spies

Book 2 in the The Nightmare Thief series.
Recommended for kids ages 8+

Out January 11, 2022, from Sourcebooks Kids

Maren’s life has finally gone back to normal. Her sister, Hallie, is doing much better, they’re both working in their family’s dream shop, and there’s been no sign of Obscura, the evil nightmare thief. But when Lishta, Maren’s grandmother, finds an ad for a sleepaway camp designed for dreamers, alarm bells start to ring. Lishta’s never heard of the camp directors, and she’s worried and wants to investigate. Maren and Hallie pose as campers, with Lishta taking a job as a lunch lady.

Almost immediately, something seems off. Campers start randomly singing the same song, a whole bunk of girls do their hair the exact same way, and everyone wakes up from their dreams with strange, identical cravings. Things go from bad to worse when campers start sleepwalking and no one can wake them.

As Maren and Hallie investigate, they discover a nefarious plot by some secret mastermind. They must figure out who’s really behind the camp and stop them from turning more dreamers into sleepwalking zombies before it’s too late. 

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