The Depths

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Recommended for ages 14+

A tropical island full of secrets. Two Victorian ghosts, trapped for eternity. And a seventeen-year-old girl determined not to be next.

Eulalie Island should be a paradise, but to Addie Spencer, it’s more like a prison.

Forced to tag along to the remote island on her mother’s honeymoon, Addie isn’t thrilled about being trapped there for two weeks. The island is stunning, with its secluded beaches and forests full of white flowers. But there’s something eerie about the place.

After Addie meets an enigmatic boy on the beach, all the flowers start turning pink. The island loves you, he tells her. But she can’t stop sleepwalking at night, the birds keep calling her name, and there’s a strange little girl in the woods who wants to play hide-and-seek. When Addie learns about two sisters who died on the island centuries ago, she wonders if there’s more to this place, things only she can see.

Beneath its gorgeous surface, Eulalie Island is hiding dark, tangled secrets. And if Addie doesn’t unravel them soon, the island might never let her go.

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★ “Full of Victorian storytelling elements and tinged with drama and danger, this story will ensnare readers with its lush setting and mysterious air. Lesperance effortlessly builds a beautiful, menacing world into which readers will willingly dive headlong.” 
– Booklist, starred review

“Utilizing the mystery, allure, and beauty of a tropical island paradise, Lesperance (The Wide Starlight) deftly cultivates a menacing tale with a hint of horror.”
– Publishers Weekly

“Readers will dive in so deep they might forget to come up for air.”
– Kirkus Reviews

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