Publishers Weekly reviews The Nightmare Thief

This week, Publishers Weekly wrote a great review of THE NIGHTMARE THIEF, and they summarized the plot so much better than I’ve ever managed to! Here’s my favorite quote: “Lesperance crafts a resourceful heroine whose loyalty forces her to confront a difficult situation and come out stronger. She also folds a satisfying sense of wonder into the quaint town, balanced with a chilling element of darkness.”

Check out the full review.

Kirkus reviews The Wide Starlight

THE WIDE STARLIGHT got a starred review from Kirkus this week. It said, “With her vividly rendered settings, emotionally complex characters, and sweet and sinister magical realism, Lesperance may be a promising successor to Alice Hoffman.” With the slight caveat that my book genre is fabulism or contemporary fantasy, not magical realism, I’m absolutely thrilled! You can read the full review here.